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Down & Connor Diocese 
Diocese of Down & Connor


A Vicariate is a cluster of neighbouring Parishes. The priests in the Vicariate Parishes meet regularly to plan for the future, to share ideas and resources and to offer support to one another.

Summer schedule of Mass for the North Belfast Pastoral area.



Holy Cross
Monday—Saturday:  10 am Monday: 7 pm
Vigil/Sundays Vigil:         
7 pm
Sundays:10 am, 12 noon & 7 pm
Holy Family
Monday—Friday:9.15 am
Vigil/Sundays Vigil:         
6.30 pm
Sundays: 10 am & 12 noon
St Therese of Lisieux
Monday—Saturday:10 am
Vigil/Sundays Vigil:         
6 pm
Sundays: 10.30 am & 12 noon
Sacred Heart
Monday to Friday:  8 am
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 10am
Vigil/Sundays Vigil:         
6.30 pm
Sundays: 9 am & 12.30 pm
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour
Tuesday: 7 pm
Thursday:10 am
Vigil/Sundays Sundays:11 am
St Patrick’s Church
Monday—Friday:10 am
Vigil/Sundays Vigil:         
7 pm
Sundays:8 am, 10 am, 12 noon & 7 pm
St Vincent de Paul
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday &
Friday:10 am Wednesday:  7.30 pm
Vigil/Sundays Vigil:         
6.30 pm
Sundays:11 am

There are 5 Parishes in the North Belfast Vicariate ~ Holy Family, St. Patrick¹s, Sacred Heart, Holy Cross (Ardoyne), and St. Vincent de Paul (Ligoniel).

The information which follows gives you the name of the Administrator or Parish Priest, contacts (telephone, fax, e-mail and web site) and Mass times (Vigils and Sundays)

Holy Family

Very Rev. Paul Strain. Adm.
Holy Family Presbytery,
Newington Avenue,
Belfast BT15 2HP
Tel: 028 9074 3119
Fax: 029 9020 5039
e-mail: holy.family@btconnect.com


Holy Family - Vigil 6.30pm, 10am and 12 noon.
St. Thérèse - Vigil 6.00pm, 10.30am and 12.30pm.

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St. Patrick¹s

Very Rev. Michael Sheehan. Adm.
St. Patrick¹s Presbytery,
199 Donegall Street,
Belfast BT1 2FL
Tel: 028 9032 4597
Fax: 028 9032 5882
e-mail: patrickstchurch@btinternet.com


Vigil 7.00pm, 8.00am, 10.00am, 12 noon and 7.00pm.

Sacred Heart

Very Rev. Martin Magill. PP.
Sacred Heart Presbytery,
1a Glenview Street,
Belfast BT14 7DP
Tel: 028 9035 1851
Email: parish@sacredheartbelfast.com


Sacred Heart - Vigil 6.00pm, 9.00am and 12 noon.

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour - Vigil 7.00pm, 11.00am and 1.00pm.

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Holy Cross (Ardoyne)

Very Rev. Eugene McCarthy. CP. PP
432 Crumlin Road,
Belfast BT14 7GE
Tel: 028 9074 8231
Fax:028 9074 0340
e-mail: passionistshc@ukgateway.net


Vigil 7.00pm, 10.00am, 12 noon and 7.00pm

St. Vincent de Paul (Ligoniel)

Very Rev. Patrick Devlin PP
St. Vincent de Paul Presbytery,
169 Ligoniel Road,
Belfast BT14 8DP
Tel: 028 9071 3401


Vigil 6.30pm, 9.00am and 11.00am.

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